Pair of Onyx Glaciale Clover Candleholders | BRANIK

Pair of Onyx Glaciale Clover Candleholders | BRANIK

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D: 7cm, H: 4cm 


Braniks are made out of carefully selected marble, onyx and quartizite. The stones themselves come from all over the world, but Braniks are designed by Agata Knorowska and made in her Warsaw atelier. The pattern and texture of each Branik is entirely unique and varies from piece to piece, depending on the block of stone it was carved from, resulting in individual creations perfect in their imperfection (cavities, discoloration or delicate cracks may occur). 

Stone care 

In order to prevent staining and damage : 
  • do not wash in a dishwasher
  • wipe with a slightly damp cloth without detergents and wipe wet stains immediately
  • regular impregantion with stone protection recommended